Welcome to the 10 year anniversary
edition of Electronic Plastic.

Browse through pics & details in the museum of nearly 800 handheld and tabletop games, from the 70s and 80s.

Check for the game you had as a child, or be amazed by the endless variety of portable, old-school electronic toys.

This 2009 edition is completely re-designed and has 3 new sections: Docs, Video and About.

Stay tuned.

TOYTRONIC Encore SELCHOW & RICHTER Readers Digest Q&A V-TECH/VTL Bomb Fight A-ONE Arrange Ball YONEZAWA My Picture Parman TOMY Tuxedo Sam Doki Doki Gerende TOMMY Soccer 2 ONKO Super Space Jack TIGER Smurf TIGER Pac Man ENTEX Musical Marvin MORIOKA TOKEI Captain 25 TAKATOKU Game Robot 5 V-TECH/VTL Monkey Jump MATTEL Look Alive Football ENTEX Crazy Climber ROSY Casino De Vegas MATTEL Brain Baffler SPICA Pac III TIGER Think Tank BANDAI Mobile Suit Gundam RX-78 TOY BOX Quiz Machine TOMY Tuxedo Sam Secret Sam LJN Electronic Concentration TOY BOX Quiz Machine GAKKEN Puck Monster A-ONE Match Number UNKNOWN Grab Man
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Support the 2kB of Fun book and order your copy now! 2kB of Fun
Martijn Koch is making a great new book on handheld electronic games. Packed full with technical info and high-quality images.
2kB of Fun. 25 x 31 cm 276 pages, hardcover. Pre-order a copy for € 50,- plus shipping. Estimated release in december 2013.

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